New Plymouth Radio Control Yacht Club

Club Racing

Daylight Savings: Tuesday’s 5:30pm

Winter Sailing: Sunday 1 pm


Social Weekday Sailing: Friday’s 2:00pm



Chris Wischnowsky


Graeme Fairclough


New Plymouth Radio Control Yacht Club

The New Plymouth Radio Control Yacht Club has been in existence since 1989 and was recently re-established in September 2022 after a period of recess and has around 40 members.

The sailing venue is Lake Rotomanu on Clemow Road, in Fitzroy, New Plymouth.

Rotomanu is a freshwater lake and is generally weed free due to being drained for weed management as required. Whilst the lake is used for pleasure boating activities such as water skiing, the Northern corner of the lake is a no-motor boat area and houses three jetties for model boating use.

The main classes promoted are the DF95 and IOM, but DF65’s are also active, and all types are welcome. NPRCYC was proud to host the Classic IOM Regatta in August 2023 and plan to make this a regular event.

Race days during the winter period are each Sunday from 1pm, and during daylight savings sailing is each Tuesday from 5:30pm. There is also social sailing happening most afternoons if the weather is suitable.

New members and visitors are always welcome.

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