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Club Racing

  • Saturday 1pm


  • Wednesday 10.30 
  • Wednesday evening during daylight saving 



Ross McClew 


Ian Westlake 


2019 is the 50th year of sailing for Northern Marine Model Society.

NMMS (Northern Maritime Model Society) was incorporated in 1969, sailing vane controlled Marbleheads initially for many years, along with powered models such as tugs. (Powered model boats still race at Wattle Farm on Sunday mornings). The sailing fleet migrated primarily to IOM designs in the early 90’s, although Radio Marbleheads still visit as part of their rotating “Traveller” Series.

The Wattle Farm lakes were established in the 1960’s, converted from the old settling ponds to a fresh water cleansing system to take the silt from the runoff in the surrounding streams before it is released into the harbour. The main lake is between 600mm deep at the jetty end, to 1.6m at the far end by the tide gate. The water in this lake is brackish, initially being filled at high tide from the Manukau Harbour, then becoming more and more fresh as the stream runoff flows in and dilutes the mix. The lake is drained and refilled 2-3 times a year to control weed, mangroves etc,  and to allow maintenance on the tide gate.

The second “wildlife pond” has recently been scraped and re-profiled by the local council, and a larger area on the centre causeway created. Now that a second sailable body of water has been created, the aim is to introduce other classes to broaden the fleets.

Wattle Farm Ponds

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