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Welcome to the New Zealand EC-12 Owners Association (NZEC12OA)

The NZEC12OA is a group of model yacht enthusiasts from around New Zealand, with a common interest in sailing the East Coast 12-Meter model yacht. The EC-12 is about 1.5 meters long (5 feet), and has a large sail area.

The Association was created by EC-12 skippers from a number of clubs around New Zealand. They were looking to bring new life to the class and attract more skippers to make events more enjoyable. What was started by a handful of skippers nearly a decade ago has grown into the strong group of EC-12 skippers around the country. Our members are predominantly located in Wanganui, Kapiti, Wellington, Nelson and Christchurch.

Besides regular club sailing days, an annual National Championship is hosted by a member club on behalf of the Owners Association.

The EC-12 is a one-design class, which means all the boats are pretty much the same. This helps keep the cost of competing down and puts a premium on skill. While every skipper wants to win, you will always find a skipper who will lend a helping hand or some good advice to bring you up to speed quickly.

There is no money to be won in this sport, but if you sail well, there is always the satisfaction of knowing you were the best sailor on the day.

So come on out to one of our member clubs and see just how much fun radio control sailing can be. EC-12 skippers are friendly and always eager to hand you a radio and let you take a boat for a sail.

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Sailing Master    Peter Brown

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