International One Metre (IOM)

International One Meter IOM 1500x422 1

Our most popular class sailed in New Zealand and raced in over 30 countries.. The IOM is very lively and fun to sail. The hull cannot exceed 1000 mm in length and the complete boat ready to sail must exceed 4000 gms. Two channel radio equipment is required, one operates the winch the other the rudder. The class was created in 1988 by Jan Dejmo aided by Graham Bantock and the Technical Committee of the IMYRU (predecessor of IRSA). It has continued to grow steadily since its creation..

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J Class

Canterbury J Class

Canterbury J Class 300x225 1

The Canterbury J is a project that lets existing or newcomers to the sport of radio sailing, get started quickly with a good handling model yacht that is easy to build and cost effective. Additionally it has ease of transport and a good resale potential…

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Dragonforce 65

DraqonForce 65 Yachts New Zealand 300x225 1

The DragonForce 65 is one of the fastest growing classes of Radio Controlled yachts worldwide. There are many reasons for the boat’s popularity. What initially attracts sailors to the boat is its low cost. At a cost around $200 for a ready to sail boat including..

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Dragonflite 95

Dragonflite 95 Radio Conctrolled Yacht Sailing 300x225 1

The DragonFlite 95 is a yacht designed to be a convenient size, on and off the water. It’s light weight and long, narrow hull give it the kind of light wind performance most other radio yachts can only dream of. It’s easily controllable to windward and always has astonishing speed…

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East Coast 12 Metre (EC12)

East Coast 12 Metre EC12 300x225 1

1.5m in length, the mast stands 1.8m above the deck, the EC12 is a very impressive looking radio controlled yacht. All hulls are now produced from the International One Design mold which is owned by the New Zealand EC12 Owners Association (NZEC12OA).

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RM  Int. Marblehead

RM International Marblehead Rc Yacht 300x225 1

The modern ‘M’ class yacht is a ‘high-tech’ racer, sporting up to 6 measured rigs. The trends are profiled rotating masts, unstayed carbon rigs, pocket luff mainsails, pre-preg carbon hulls and fins. 1290 mm in overall length, its one of the most exhilarating radio yacht classes.

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1/4 Z

The ¼ Scale Zephyr

Quarter Scale Zephyr 300x225 1

Hulls come from the same mold using Des Townson wooden construction principles of light plywood and small timber stringers. Owners are either current or past skippers of the full size Zephyr who love sailing the ¼ Scale without getting wet or crippled..

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Mini 40

Mini 40


The Mini 40 is a development class, allowing for any design of boat, mainly Trimarans, Catamarans, tri foilers.

The main criteria are 1220 mm long, 1220 mm wide and 0.9m2 sail area.

The class is sailed in 2 divisions “Foiling” and “Non-foiling” with the objective in getting the older boats out of storage and on to the water.

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