IOM Regatta Results

IOM Waikato Champs Results

Š The 2022 Waikato Champs have been run with 10 races being completed over two days. Day 1 Only two seeding heats completed due to fog, no wind, rain and no wind. Day 2 9 races completed in light to medium A rig. I would like to congratulate Ian Vickers, Rob Nelson and Grant Nixon … Read more

Waikato Champs day 1

Started off foggy with no wind, changing to overcast with no wind, finishing with drizzling a little wind. Seeding races completed. Looking better on the wind front tomorrow Waikato_Champs_2022  Results

2022 Otago IOM Championships. 2022 Otago IOM Championships. 1st Rick 2nd Alex 3rd Stephen 4th Nigel Thanks Vauxhall Yacht Club, Peter and Merv. Great weekend. Karen has photos that will get posted.

 METRE MONTHLY RESULTS Congratulations and well done to Rob Nelson and his new Britpop, winning the April Metre Monthly at Wattle Farm from Ian Vickers and Phil Pryde. The day started very soft, with a swirling 2-3 knot breeze that would go right around the compass during a race, but then settled (thankfully) into a steady 5-6  … Read more