The ¼ Scale Zephyr

The ¼ Scale Zephyr

The ¼ Scale Zephyr evolved from a discussion between Llewellyn Viljoen and Paul Pearson, both Zephyr sailors. Between them they built the plug and the mould for fibreglass hulls with Llew then building the prototype. Harold Bennett became interested after talking to Paul Pearson that led to Harold completing a third boat using the construction methods of the full size Zephyr.

All hulls come from the same mould with the concept of continuing with the Des Townson wooden construction principles using  light plywood and small timber stringers and keeping with the tradition of varnish work. Moulds have been completed for a full hull and deck in fibreglass as the full size boat has.  The idea of taking a scale model of a full size dinghy and making that into a radio controlled keelboat took a considerable amount of Research and Development to arrive at what we have today.

All the current owners are either current or past skippers of the full size Zephyr who not only have a passion for the class but a love of sailing the ¼ Scale without getting wet or crippled.

Basic dimensions of the ¼ Scale Zephyr,

Length             860mm

Beam               350mm

Draught           400mm

Mast height     1400mm (A rig)

1250mm (B rig)

Sail Area          .48 sq m (A rig)

.40 sq m (B rig)

Weight                        1700 grams (Bare Hull)

1900 – 2100 Grams (Bulb and Keel fin)

Class Rules are being prepared to keep these boats as close to one design as possible and should be completed in the near future.

The class are often on the pond at Regency Lake Gulf Harbour and race Wednesdays and Fridays at 1.00pm and most Sundays at 2 pm.

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