Website Redevelopment

We are going through a process of redeveloping the website and establishing new processes and flows around event management, etc. One thing that will help us is ensuring that when you send us images that they conform to a minimum size standard.

We are aiming for a minimum resolution of 1024×768 pixels. If you can send the original jpg images from your camera without reduction that would be best. That allow us to crop if necessary.

We recognise that we may need to provide a way to receive multiple images as some email systems object to large files. We will update you as things progress.

When the new website comes on line, there will also be a new webmaster looking after the site. Part of the goal of the redevelopment is to make the site easier to manage so that we lower the technical skill level required. We are also aiming to document the processes for adding posts, events, etc.

New Webmaster

I am Errol Thompson (Dr ET on some social media platforms). Some will have meet me helping with the North Shore IOM and DF95 championships.

I am a southern kiwi and have over 50 years of computing experience with the most recent being lecturing in Computer Science at Aston University in Birmingham, UK where I taught programming, database concepts, problem solving, and software testing. I retired five years ago and began sailing almost two years ago. I have no sailing experience prior to starting to sail radio control yachts. However, I do read a lot to learn but practice is what is really required. I returned to New Zealand in November, 2022 and have joined the Gulf Harbour club. I current sail a Goth IOM and a DF95.

Yes, I do have doctorate but that simply means I spent a number of years doing research into computing education. My B.Sc. and M.Sc. were both in Computer Science.

From a sailing perspective, I still regard myself as a novice especially when it comes to doing maintenance on the boats. Sailing wise, I am learning quickly although New Zealand conditions are very different to English conditions. In the UK, we sailed most frequently with A rigs. I only used my B rigs once on the IOM and the C rig has been tested but never used to race. I never even assembled the B and C rigs for the DF95. They are still in their original packaging.

You may also see me cycling or walking around the Hibiscus Coast area or I might be out with my camera gear taking photos predominately of birds.

See you at a lake sometime.
Errol Thompson